Checklist: Is the Office Cleaning Company Doing Well?

You are paying for office cleaning services, so it is fair to demand to get what you pay for. The cleaning company will give you a checklist so you can have the option of choosing how much they will and will not do. Use the checklist as your basis to assess how well they perform.

Reception and Office Spaces

You know for a fact that your receptions area can make or break your customers’ and guests’ first impression of your business. So, make it look more inviting, clean, and bright. Everyone in the office, including your employees, needs a clean working environment. An organised office helps make people highly productive. Make sure that the company you hired did the following:

  • Vacuumed the carpets, mats and hard floors
  • Emptied the trash bins and washed them if required
  • Dusted and disinfected all surfaces of chairs, tables, desks and other furniture
  • Disinfected all hardwood through mopping
  • Removed any marks around door frames and door switches
  • Removed cobwebs, if there are any, in the entire area, including front entry
  • Cleaned the automatic glass doors inside and out
  • Polished the brass on cabinets and doors
  • Cleaned the painted surfaces and walls
  • Collected all papers, bottles, garbage and the like on the entire office
  • Arranged the entire area

Washroom and Breakroom

A sanitised and clean washroom is necessary for any offices. This will ensure safety and will reduce the risk of germs from spreading. The same thing goes with your office breakroom and kitchen where your employees will take their break and eat. It is a must that the entire space is well kept.

  • Hand towels, hand soap, facial and toilet tissue are available
  • Rubbish is collected and bin liners replaced
  • Mirrors are clean and polished
  • Splash marks from partitions and walls around basins are removed
  • The entire kitchen and restroom area are washed with disinfectant
  • Urinals and toilers are disinfected and perfectly cleaned on both sides

This checklist can help you determine how well they performed. Ask your provider if they have their own checklist for better assessment.

Contact a reliable office cleaning company today to learn more.