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Hero to Zero by Zach Fortier

Hero to Zero by Zach Fortier


Here is a great book by Zach Fortier once again. I have read each book as they have come out and never once been disappointed. This is a true stories written from a police officer and tells the behind the scenes details of law enforcement, the good the bad the ugly.
You will learn how a cop or other cops go from having it all to losing it all and then going behind bars. I know unbelievable right???!! As a huge fan of Fortier, I feel as if I have built a great rapport with him and now I understand why anyone should read just one authors books one by one as they get published. “Anyone is capable of anything given the right circumstances.” This quote form the book is because one story tells of a man whom Zach worked with as a cop then was wanted by the FBI and caught for multiple murders. All of the stories written are true and also made Zach a worldwide published author that I will admire are follow forever. Written by Jackie Paulson © 2014


Zach Fortier was a police officer for over 30 years, specializing in K-9, SWAT, gang, domestic violence and sex crimes as an investigator. He has written three books about Police work. “Curbchek” the first book is a case by case account of the streets as he worked them from the start of his 30 career. “Streetcreds” the second book details time Zach Spent in a Gang task force and the cases that occurred. The third book is by far the most gritty: “Curbchek-Reload”. In “Curbchek-Reload” Zach is damaged and dangerously so, suffering from PTSD and the day to day violence of working the street. “Hero to Zero” is Zach’s fourth book and recalls cops he worked with that were incredibly talented but ended up going down in flames, some ended up in jail, prison and one on the FBI’s ten most wanted list. If you like True Crime, take a look at Zach Fortier. You won’t be disappointed.


The Journal by Derick Parsons Book Reivew


The Journal (Jack O’Neill) by Derick Parsons


The Journal by Derick Parsons Book Review is a crime thriller full of mystery, surprise and suspense.  In the Journal, Inspector Jack O’Neill and his partner Frank Carr are investigating a suspicious death.  In the meantime another case comes up and they start to investigate another death.  Two murders found seated on a chair with their hands tied behind the chair, is it the same person killing them?  I could tell the author writes what he loves and keeps the reader’s attention.  I felt like this crime mystery was one that could actually happen in real life which makes it more fun to read. I have not read Redemption Song, but now I will!  Great book!

© 2014 Jackie Paulson

A Moral Dilemma by Zara Kingsley (relationships and cheating men)

A Moral Dilemma by Zara Kingsley (relationships and cheating men)


A Moral Dilemma Opening of the book, “I had to do it. He’d left me with no other conceivable choice. He seemed intent on driving me crazy, turning me into a dithering, pathetic, neurotic maniac. The lying toe-rag!” I would recommend this book to anyone who is a teenager mostly females. The author has a great sense of humor with juggling the many roles of each of the characters thought out the book. Becky thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her, and gets evidence on a camcorder. She doesn’t do the recording to catch Jeremy in a lie but the bar tender. What she discovers is all too real and her two girlfriends get her through the “watching of the horrific truth of him cheating on her. If you have been divorced you may enjoy this book, as my emotions seemed to become real with the character of Becky. Yes, ending a love relationship is all too well of something all readers can relate to. If you are not someone whom likes this type of subject matter of “cheating relationships,” please do not read it. This book brought back memories of my broken relationships in my past but the story was realistic and fun to read. I would think all teenagers would love this romance and break up book because learning how others deal with their disappointments is something great to know in real life. Quote: “I know that Jerry turned out to be…” “A lying cheating toe-rag?” © 2014 Jackie Paulson

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Book Reviews on Nick Vujicic

Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic (BOOK #1)nick-vujicic-life-without-limts
Nick Vujicic was born with no hands or feet. I had so many questions when I read his book. He is 27 years old in 2010 when this book was published. He was raised in a Christian home and has a younger brother (Aaron) and (Michelle) his sister. His goal in writing this book is to encourage others to overcome challenges and hardships so that they can “find your own purpose.” Nick over came so many obstacles with his (disability) which make us think and realize that to discover who we are meant to be and what we can share of our gifts to benefit others by his true story of overcoming the odds.

Quote, “You have to stretch beyond where you are to reach where you want to be.”

Nick was born on 12/4/1982 and the nurse told his parents he had a medical condition called “Phocamelia.” Nicks mother happened to be a nurse thus understood what the term meant. His father was in shock and denial the day Nick was born. Both parents were from former Yugoslavia which is called Serbia.

What encouraged me the most is the way he wrote about all of his life experiences and challenges he had to overcome. He had to learn not to depend only on his family to do things for him. He had a desire to learn to be independent of his family as he did not want that burden on them. When I think of all of the challenges and teenage struggles I went through and thought they were a big deal, I can see now that Nick’s struggles were far more challenging to overcome. It made me look back on my life and see that I was a typical American Teenager who wished this book was out back when I was in High School.
At the age of 24, Nick attended a California church for a speaking engagement and met one other newborn baby that day who was just like he was; born without limbs. That said, Nick is a public speaker, a Christian, and travels around the world to help others understand that we are all God`s Creation. This is what led Nick to realize his life passion to public speaking and helping others was his Life Mission given by God.

He finally met one other person “just like him” and he realized, “when I was growing up I had no one who shared my situation who could help guide me, but now (Daniel) has someone. I can help him. My parents can help his parents. He does not have to go through what I went through, Perhaps I can spare him some of the pain that I had to endure.” PAGE: 24.
The genre for this book is very inspirational, guiding, spiritual, and very thought provoking.

Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic © 2012 written by Jackie Paulson (BOOK #2)51Ubtv02+8L._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_

This is the second book Nick has published. I want to thank Blogging for books for a free copy for my review. Vujicic is pronounced Voo~yi~chich). His disability did not stop him from enjoying adventures, fulfilling and meaningful career, and loving relationships. His goal is to share with you the unstoppable power of faith in action that has helped him create his own good life.
Nick wrote this book as he was so inspired by people who asked him for advice and guidance in dealing with challenges in their own lives. The chapters cover topics that were asked of him the most and include:
* Personal crises
* Relationship issues
* Career and job challenges
* Health and disability concerns
* Self destructive thoughts, emotions and addictions
* Bullying, persecution, cruelty, and intolerance
* Dealing with matters beyond our control
* How to reach out and serve others
* Finding balance in body, mind, heart and spirit

Nicks desire is to help you and inspire you to overcome whatever challenges you face.
I love the photos from years ago until now in the middle of the book too. What a personal touch!
© 2014 written by Jackie Paulson All Rights Reserved

Book Review Beyond Victim Consciousness by Lynne Forrest

Beyond Victim Consciousness by Lynne Forrest

Lynne Forrest published this book in 2011, and I have yet to post my book review. Here it is 2014 and I am just now getting to it as this book has helped me in so many ways.  This book is based on personal experience and subjective evidence.  Lynne does not wish to diagnose or cure illness or disease of any kind.  Your situation may not be exactly suited to the examples found in this book.

The reason I am doing such a long review is that it has helped me become more conscious of the victim mentality and how to let go and let God.  If you are a victim of codependency, this book will help you as well.  They say that to overcome anything you need to become aware and admit to yourself that you have a problem in order to get to the root cause in order to solve it once and for all, this I do believe.  If you don’t know you have a victim mentality and don’t know how to recognize them, how can you get any better mentally?

Preface: “On the morning of 12/16/2006 I “got” the message.  I finally understood that I could no longer coast along, hoping it would work out, praying that I was not getting really sick, but I had to face reality.  I was, in fact, increasingly, alarmingly ill.”  Lynne was diagnosed with a serious illness in 10/2001.  After finding out that traditional doctors could not diagnose and help heal her, Lynne went on a hunt to cure herself with holistic medicine.  I have to admit that I have “been there and done that.”  In the 21st Century with Obama Care, I think more individuals are seeking natural ways to heal as their method to cure their aliments more than using traditional doctors.  The key is to rebuild your immune system which will take time because if it took some time to get into an illness it takes great strength and effort to get out of it.

Lynne wishes to share her transformational story with all of you and how she was restored to complete health and wellness.  She gained her physical health, stabilized her emotions, cleared her thinking and energized her connection with the world around her as she placed the higher power or God at the focus of her healing.

In this book you will learn, like her how to take your excess weight off, shed layers of unhappy beliefs, of destructive habits, and of defensive reactions that held her captive which led to the term “victim consciousness.”

The most important lesson to learn from Lynne is the Drama Triangle which is a diagram which outlines the three primary roles of victim consciousness which is the rescuer, persecutor, and victim.  The Drama triangle was developed by Dr. Stephen Karpman.

This is a book about victim consciousness, it is defined, and it is illustrated and tells how it affects each of our lives.  More important, this book provides a way of reframing the way we think about ourselves, our lives and those around us.  We are given tools to actually follow through with transformation of our own lives.

If you have had a dysfunctional or painful childhood this book will help you along your path to become conscious of how that has affected you throughout your life and how to overcome it.  If you need healing and peace in your life you will learn that being happy is a choice and does not depend on your outside circumstances.  Just change your focus.  The real reason for unhappiness is always what we are thinking about an event, never the event itself.  The law of attraction is a great resource to help you get out of a negative and toxic mindset.  If you want to change your unhealthy life you need to begin to shift the way you perceive yourself and your life in general.  Just examine each of your thoughts and beliefs about the things that are bothering you and in doing this you will lift out of a very unhappy world you live in based by your own thoughts.

On page three Lynne gives us all the “guiding principles” that will help you along your journey.  Here they are summed up-

The thoughts we believe determine the quality of our life experiences.

Our thoughts determine our vibrational frequency.  Low frequency thoughts are fear, depression, isolation, resentment, jealousy and such.  High frequency thoughts are when we believe we are protected, loved and have faith in a higher power to give us all that is good.

The world acts as a mirror that reflects our own state of consciousness.  We project our beliefs onto the world where they are reflected back to us.  We than react in ways that prove to us that what we believe is true.  We tend to think our beliefs come from our life experiences but it is the opposite our experiences often come from what we believe and our beliefs create our personal reality.

Our beliefs become the personal reality we see and experience in physical form.  In other words, we manifest our beliefs.  If we have beliefs that breed feelings of peace and harmony we will see that all around us.  If our beliefs are full of strife and conflict, then strife and conflict will be our personal reality.

Life has cycles, like a roller coaster going up and down.  We can either perceive ourselves as victims or feel at the mercy of life’s ups and downs or we can move into “observer consciousness” and witness life as a reflection of our own mind.

What we focus on expands. The more we resist something the harder it gets.

What we judge as unacceptable in others is something we have not admitted or accepted in ourselves.

Everything happens for a reason and for has a purpose.

This book is packed with information that you will be able to use and transform your life as it has slowly done to mine.  If you enjoy this review hit Like or please comment below.

© 2014 Jackie Paulson