Business Card are an Extension of Your Brand

When you’re building your business you build your brand. This means you are building an image you portray to the world. This is a lasting impression which tells the world about what you do and what you stand for in your industry. Business cards be an extension of this branding. There is still one of the best business marketing tools you can use. It is important to know some the do’s and do nots for these little paper ambassadors for your business.

The Do’s

You can have a lot of fun with your business card design. It is actually a good idea to make them as eye catching as possible. Just be sure to keep the fonts easy to ready. This means you will want to stick to using traditional sizes for a traditional business card design. Keep the color of the lettering in a traditional black or other bold primary color. Also be sure to use light colored background where any lettering appears. This will help the lettering to stand out.

When you create your business card design be sure to use the back side of the card. This is a place many businesses fail to advantage of advertising themselves on. Use the back of your card to print your business information in another language. You can also use this area to add more information about your business. You can even use this space to a graphic or business card designs which is eye catching and memorable.

While business card design is important, the information on your card is even more important. Put the right information on you cards. Review what you want to have printed on your cards. Be sure all of the information you include is relevant. This should be the most important information about what you do and how to connect you. The company name and logo should be easy to see and read. Your phone number, website, email address and other contact information should also be easy to locate and read.

The Do Nots

One thing you do not want to do is have a cheap business card design. Use a heavier card stock. Doing this makes an impression to other that your business is of a higher quality. It gives the impression that the goods and services you offer are of a higher quality. This will encourage other to want to do business with you.

Never use clip art. It has a cheap look which is unattractive. Use designs which are original and say something positive about your businesses. It is worth the money to have a freelance artist design a unique company logo for you. Once you have them make the design once you can use of time and time again on cards and other advertising. Never hand out a card with outdated information. Once your business information changes, you should get new cards made. This will help you maintain a professional impression with all who receive your business card. Follow these steps and you are sure to grow your business and have more success.