Are Better Breasts Worth The Surgery?

Many women in the Australian community have had breast augmentation surgery. It is something that is very quickly becoming a norm our modern day society. The enhancement of breasts by means of implant surgery is no longer a taboo and a whole lot of women some really good reasons why they choose to go under the knife. The breast augmentation surgery in Ipswich has mostly been a great success. But like everything else in life, the surgery has its own pros and con.


The first pro is the long list of positive feedback from women who have had the surgery. The statistics are off the charts. 98% of women who have the surgery are completely happy with the results, 92% of breast augmentation patients would recommend it to other women who are not happy with their breast, and 82% of them have reported to have gained more confidence and so much more.

Other pros would include the very little scaring, the fact that clothes fit a whole lot better, the implants look pretty much like the real deal, the surgery has an average cost of $3800, and lastly the short recovery period (3-6 weeks). The new breasts are great in so many ways; they are perky with a lot more perks in the bedroom.


The cons are actually not all that terrible and inconvenient but they do exist. The one that pops up the most is the need for monitoring. Like all other things that you can pay for with money, breasts that are implanted during breast augmentation need to be looked after. They won’t deflate or start sagging but they might get irritated on you could develop internal scaring which can be painful at times.

Another con is that you need to have the implant replaced about every 10 or so years. 10 years is a long time but having to undergo the same surgery over and over can become a bit of a hassle, especially when you consider that you have to pay for every single one of your new surgeries. The last con has to do with surgical risks. Like all other surgeries the possibility of death or other complications is always there. Breast enhancement itself is rather safe but cosmetic surgery never is.

The pros outweigh the cons by a lot but if you are considering the breast augmentation, you should consider the cons too.