All You Want To Know About Botox

Who does not want to stay young forever? Well, even the simplest person would surely want to stay young looking if that is only possible. However, staying young is not possible as because of life’s cycle, we have to age and die so that a new generation will have a place under the sun. But then again, you will probably ask why those movie stars are still young looking despite aging 40 or 50 maybe. Indeed, that is true as well. Though we cannot stay young forever, but because of the advancement of technology, there is now a number of ways to prolong the signs of aging. Some are non-evasive and some are also evasive. There are also some treatments that are non-surgical while there are also those that need surgeries. One of these treatments is what they call Botox. But you should know though that botox is actually just a drug and not the procedure itself.

Yes, though most of us only heard about actors having the botox procedure, the botox here is just a drug that is derived from a neurotoxin which in turn comes from a kind of bacterium. So, what can this drug do to our body and why is this cosmetically used. For the answers of these questions, you can scroll down below:



– First of all, you should know though that after being administered with botox, the result will only be seen after about three to ten days though there are also cases when it is sooner. That’s when you will notice that your wrinkles are gone since your muscles in that particular area are paralyzed.

– Depending on the amount injected to a particular area, the treatment might last for three to four months though this will also depend on the physician who handles you. This is also another reason why you must be cautious when having this treatment as this drug can easily kill humans thus they should only be administered by an experienced and a pro physician.

– Aside from the fact that it can minimize the visibility of your wrinkles, it is also said that botox can actually treat migraines. Though as to how it can do that is not yet clear, experts assume that it could this drug blocks the pain messages sent by the sensory nerves to the brain. Well, again this is just an assumption and not yet in the book.

– There is even a possibility that botox can also relieve arthritis pain though this is a little unclear yet at this moment. Though there are already some reports about this and that it even lasted for a year to some people.

There are also some negative side effects with botox though so before having this treatment, be sure to really choose the physician well and make sure that you will understand everything first. Be sure to know what to expect and some side effect possibilities. That is why, it is really very important to choose a physician from Botox Brisbane for they are licensed to administer this treatment.