8 Things Every Homepage Must Have

We can’t stress enough the value of a website to your business. Aside from brand awareness, it is also a platform to engage more audience. But this can’t happen, by just having a website. You need to have a reliable website design that will entice your viewers the minute they open it. Here, we listed the list the things your homepage should have.

Links to Social Media

Millions of people are present on social media platform. So, if you are planning to reach out to a maximum number of users, don’t forget to put a button that will redirect to your social media profiles and pages. This will also help you get a direct feedback from your customers.

Easy Navigation

The role of the navigation bar is to provide people choices. So, keep it simple and obvious so they will be able to locate the details.

Contact Info

Website visitors want information, and they want it fast. In their first ten seconds stay, they must see your number, location and email address. Otherwise, they’ll jump to others where there are complete details.


A lot of people prefer to watch a video than to read. That’s why many website owners use it when introducing their services.

Client Testimonial

Because reviews are not from your own voice, they stand out as unbiased accounts of how good your products and services are. Adding testimonials are proven to be an effective way to generate more sales.


Pictures provide a lot of information to your website. There are many businesses that overlooked its importance and use something generic or images that are not connected to their services. Avoid doing that as the viewers will be confused to the catalogue you really provide.

Awards and Certifications

When someone come to your page and sees the awards and recognition you achieve, it will make them feel secured. As the achievement, you gained speaks to the quality of service you provide.

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