5 Worse Occupations For Your Hearing

Loud noises are produced by many things everywhere, especially the tools and equipment used at work. The invention of huge, powerful machines and heavy-duty tools might have made our jobs way easier, but it causes considerable damage to our health and well-being. One of the potential disasters that these machines do to us is hearing damage.

In Australia, hearing loss is the second most common health condition, next only to musculoskeletal disease. In fact, between July 2002 and June 2007, around 16,500 workers received industrial deafness claim because of performing their job.

Not all jobs are dangerous to your hearing. The occupations below are among the loudest jobs that can cause severe hearing impairments.

Airport ground control personnel

Aeroplanes can produce noises that can reach 140 dB which is too loud for the human ear. This fact makes air traffic controllers potentially the worse job for your ears and the favourite recipients of industrial deafness claim.

Formula one driver

Being an F1 driving star is very dangerous, not only to your life but also your ears. Imagine this, the humming of the powerful engines of the car by itself can reach up to 135 dB. Add to it the loud screeching of its wheels and the noise of the crowd, and you now have a recipe for hearing disaster.


The use of power tools and gigantic machinery for digging the earth makes miners exposed to very loud sounds.  To make matters worse, many of them are working in enclosed spaces underneath the earth, making the sound waves louder. No wonder many miners are exposed regularly to 90 dB noises. They can hear noises as loud as 135 dB on a regular basis, making them favourite recipients of industrial deafness claim.

Construction worker

If your job is pounding metals or concrete amidst an environment populated with heavy equipment and machinery, chances are your ears are probably crying for help. Operating jackhammers alone create noise of up to 130 dB.


Woodworking is a literally loud job. Operating noisy machines electric saws or hammer drills, which is unavoidable for this profession, exposes you to sounds as blaring as 130 dB.

These are just five of the professions that are most prone to ear damage. There are other professions such as musician, disk jockeys, nightclub staff that require exposure to blaring noises that can make you deaf.

If you are in any of these occupations, you might need to get a free hearing test and advice from industrial deafness claim. Aside from giving you a diagnosis on your current hearing status, the company also facilitate your industrial deafness claim and other services for your own benefit.