2 Fun Things to Do at Fibreglass Pools

When you decide you want to invest in having fibreglass pools installed in your house, you’re going to think of things to do while in it. It would be better to use them for so many purposes since these items aren’t exactly cheap. Here are fun things you can do while in the pool with your friends:

1)    Chicken Fight

One of the most popular games is the chicken fight because of how all players involved generally have fun. It consists of two teams with two people each. One person will be sitting on the other’s shoulders and the objective is to make the person in the other team fall. It will involve a lot of dirty manoeuvres like hair pulling, eye gouging, slapping, biting and pushing. The person carrying the fighting player only makes sure the player doesn’t fall or they lose. It’s a game that doesn’t usually last long because of how aggressive both players are especially when they face to face.

2)    Headstand Contest

Those who practice yoga know what a headstand is and the only difference is doing it in a pool. For those who don’t know, from the name itself it requires you to stand on your head. Of course, you won’t literally put your weight on your head as you may break your neck. This contest should only be done by those who are used to doing a headstand. It’s dangerous to do a headstand in the pool if it’s your first time even though the current of the pool will help you balance. Those who does the headstand for the longest time will win the contest.

Now that you’ve realised you can do a lot of things, you must buy from a reliable company such as fibreglass pools in Sydney. They’ll see to it they’ll send their best contractors to install the pools in your home. The product is so strong that it can withstand harsh weather conditions such as typhoons. Its fibreglass also doesn’t crack easily so you can feel confident walking around it while carrying many things.

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