Business Leaders Presentation

My name is Peter Smithson and I am from New Zealand, in NZ we are first equal with Denmark on the International Global Transparency Index… The truth is the only option for me.. you can trust me, you can believe in what I am here to tell you today!

But as far as I know you are smart business operators that can recognise excellent opportunity, you will find that I am about to share with you here today you will find this very, very interesting.   This will do for you great things like it has done for me, and for hundreds of Australian businesses.

What I am going to tell you about has already happened!   It has happened in New Zealand, it has happened throughout Australasia and all around the world, and it is only just about to happen here in The Philippines.

I am going to validate what I tell you about here, by showing you some tangible things the search giant Google is already doing here, in preparation for a major development that is about to happen here in The Philippines

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So this is a little bit strange for me, giving this old presentation …a message I have not had to present for around 10 years when it happened in Australia.

We are here today to discuss something that we all do, all the time.   Something we really need help with here in The Philippines..

How do we find something we need here in The Philippines…. here in Subic Bay?

I have even had experiences even with people here in the room, searching for things together….

When we moved house in Subic Bay I wanted to move furniture into my new house I needed a truck to move my furniture with.   Ask Merlie here, my real estate agent.. Merlie, how did we find for a truck and some removal men?

First I called a driver I used… he called someone he knew, but then he asked me for ‘consideration’, whatever you can mange Sir, from your heart. We have to trust people you don’t know!

So I asked my Australian mate Richard… he knew another foreigner who had once used a truck and some men from a furniture store.   Two days later Richard finally extracted the number came back to me with it. We called and made arrangements with an anonymous group of people. Not a fast or safe arrangement at all.

Then we needed some pool chlorine, the pool was already going green. I needed it fast. After asking around and around I went and borrowed some chlorine off a foreigner friend who runs a resort nearby. He told me he buys it from a store in Olongapo town but couldn’t explain where. I couldn’t find that store.

I managed to get another small bag from a friend of a friend who wouldn’t take me to the shop, I guess that is because that would mean no future ‘cut’ or ‘consideration’ for them.   The saga kept going for about 5 weeks!   I eventually drove to Angeles to buy a tub from store who’s address was luckily left in my pool-shed.

One time I said to asawa ko Angie lets go to your province… no plans, no searching, anything!   It is a road-trip.. we ended up sleeping among cockroaches after both crying on the roadside for a while.

Just last weekend I needed to find a car-painter…. I had to find a paint shop and ask them if they knew a painter….   It is a long story, but you wouldn’t believe, I ironically stumbled across the chlorine supplier shop!

Who here as ever opened up Google and Searched for something?   How about those that search the internet occasionally, say once a month? Once a week? Now, every day?

We are surrounded with countries using the internet to search… Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and China…   they are all doing the same thing.. Using a Search Engine like Google to Search and Find!

People in these countries are not searching the Internet once a month, week, or day …..they are constantly doing it, continually searching, every hour, some every minute!

With effective Search our Quality-of-Life is greatly improved.   Being able to quickly find what we want, and know how good the quality of it is before we go ahead.

Then I began searching for Signage for the office* Same story same run-around.   Ask a friend who asks a friend who eventually comes back to you when it is too late or no longer top-of-mind.

In every equally developed country in the world people go to a major Search Engine like Google, they type in SIGNS and you are presented with a very impatient queue of businesses websites who are competing for those sought after positions at the top…. these queues go back for pages and pages and pages!

Do we wait until Filipinos start using Search? NO! Be there first!! Every business needs to hire a Website Optimisation Company and get to the top of Google.

A lot of you may be thinking ‘why would I want to spend money getting to the top of Google before anyone here is really using it?….’

Many reasons…

  • Because right now there is little or no competition. it is super cheap!!   It is a fraction of the cost of what the work costs countries around us because it is easy for us!
  • Build it and they will come! Fix the link in the chain and let it work! This will happen very fast, it could be only a matter of a few weeks or months. Be there first… if you wait for others to rank first then you will have to pay for the job of removing those competitors.
  • Because Google are making huge investments in Philippines right now.